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Personalized services and support

Your service network will benefit from SAVinsight’s expertise. We will examine your service organization and propose various measures to optimize it. We intervene both on the overall organizational and individual level at each of your service centers. We can also help you improve the customer experience resulting from your service activities.

Global service network

Improve network  footprint & cost through consolidation or externalization.

Realize synergies and economies
of scale

Optimize resources and talents management

Increase operational and logistics efficiency

Individual service center

Optimize operations to better serve the customer while improving profitably.

Standard organizations to optimize operations and improve quality of repairs

Standard repair process leveraging lean manufacturing concept to reduce lead time

Standard stocks management to better foresee purchases and decrease inventories

Customer experience

Improve services and reduce operational complexity to exceed Customer expectation

Simplify services offered to customer

Tailor services offered to customer

Harmonize practices across markets

Develop Customer’s digital journey for a total immersion in
the Brand’s universe, and to improve margin

Provide omni-channel presence

Offer tailored, extended and transparent service

Deliver full integrated experience

Additionnal services

Tailored Certification

Technical certification of point of sales & independent service centers to ensure compliancy to Brand’s specific standards

Skill assessment and technical training

Skills level and mix-competence analysis to optimize resources management

Technical training to adjust skills of resources according to the product mix

Performance analysis

Operational / financial performance analysis to identify profit improvement levers

Dashboard / KPI set-up to be in total control of the service activity