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🌟 Wow! What a fantastic first edition of SAVinsight Convention with over 40 participants! 🌟

Day 1: We dived into insightful presentations, discussions, and rich exchanges on various topics, with 9 service centers, 15 brands, 5 equipment manufacturers, and special guests.

Day 2: We marveled at the handcrafted horological excellence at Maison Greubel Forsey. Then, precision tools insights at Bergeon, followed by an evening at BFM Brewery.

Day 3: Back in Les Franches-Montagnes, we explored SAM, our digital platform, and its game-changing real-time features like e-tracking. Afternoon insights at Crevoisier, highlighting innovative polishing machines.

But beyond these experiences, the essence of our convention lies in the connections, the informal exchanges, and the creation of a supportive community. It’s in these moments that we’ve discovered shared realities and forged lasting bonds.

A heartfelt thank you to all participants for making this convention truly memorable! Your enthusiasm and insights have inspired us to make SAVinsight even more exceptional next year.

See you in 2024!

Don’t forget to check out the after-movie and photo gallery below to relive these amazing moments!