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🔥 SAVinsight Roxer SA = Partnership for excellence! 🔥

SAVinsight is delighted to announce its recent collaboration with Roxer SA, the renowned expert in the field of water resistance testing within the watchmaking industry.

Together, Roxer SA and SAVinsight have harnessed their combined expertise to provide exceptional after-sales service to watchmaking customers.

Through the utilization of its certified service center network, SAVinsight ensures efficient management of the repair process and the service deliver to the customers.

Roxer SA equips these service centers with cutting-edge water resistance testing instruments specifically tailored for the watchmaking industry.

This collaboration ensures that service centers within SAVinsight‘s network will benefit from exclusive access to Roxer SA‘s top-of-the-line equipment, complemented by favorable commercial terms and additional services.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the Roxer SA team, particularly Christophe Giorgis, José Guede, Ernesto Londino and Jorge Verissimo, for turning this collaboration into a tangible reality! 💥