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🔥 SAVinsight Witschi Electronic AG = Partnership for excellence! 🔥

SAVinsight is delighted to announce its recent collaboration with Witschi Electronic AG, the renowned specialist in measuring and testing instruments for the watchmaking industry.

Witschi Electronic AG and SAVinsight have united their strengths to deliver exceptional after-sales service to watchmaking customers.

By leveraging its certified service centers network, SAVinsight ensures efficient management of the repair process.

Witschi Electronic AG provides these centers with the latest generation of measuring and testing instruments for watchmaking.

Consequently, the service centers within the SAVinsight network will have privileged access to high-quality equipment from Witschi Electronic AG, along with additional services at favorable commercial terms.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Witschi Electronic AG team, particularly Andreas BläsiDaniel Hug, and Bruno Gallina, for transforming this partnership into a reality! 💥